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New to the party but much to bring to the party. Want something more than the standard still photo? Here's the booth for you!

GIF Booth

Social/GIF Booth

The next in the lineup that takes digital to the next level

Our nifty booth brings out the party animals and stunning divas in your guests by shooting GIFs and Boomerangs. This versatile booth adds a ton of fun and endless hours of entertainment for your guests.


The perfect option for those smaller parties with a tighter budget or even as an add-on to our main booth where guests can have fun while they wait in queue at large gala dinners. 

Building up to the big day


We design your photo strips in-house.

You can spice up your event and with Some Extras. Reach out to us if you can't find what you are looking for.

On the day of the event, we rock up half an hour before to set up. 


How we roll


 Choose an experience (GIF or photo)


 Strike a pose and pull up some moves. 


Send images to your phone and share them live at the event.



Image by Christopher Burns
Unlimited Sessions
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_Unlimited Sessions.png
Image by Christopher Burns
Themed Digital Props
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_Digital Props.png
Image by Christopher Burns
1-3 Photo Layouts
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_1-3 layout.png
Image by Christopher Burns
On the spot sharing
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_Instant Sharing.png
Image by Christopher Burns
Custom Designs
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_Custom Design.png
Image by Christopher Burns
Digital Copies
photoillustrated_photo_booth_hire_Digital Copies.png
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