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Photo booth hire.....Your not single !

Updated: May 5, 2020

Some of the props and signs can cause

When your partner holds up the "I'm still single" sign up...

All so much fun to see their reaction when they see the photo.

I did notice he was standing back so she didn't see it straight away.

Photo booths are for you all to have some fun.

Let your party be fun and remembered.

When looking back at the photos the next day.

One thing you will see is smiles.

This photo from our Photobooth was a fancy dress party.

So cool and everyone is ready to have some fun if they going to the trouble to dress up.

So hire a Photo booth from Photoillustrated and you will have the best.

Photo booth hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Byron bay.

Photoillustrated have the best equipment for amazing photo quality.

So what you doing for your next party ?

A Photo booth :)

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