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LOL !! Some Photo booth hire fun

Updated: May 5, 2020

Got to love a good costume.

Having a fancy dress party and need some photos taken from the event ?

The best and easiest way is to have a photobooth from Photoillustrated.

Our Photobooths are setup to capture all the fun of the night.

A photographer for the night might miss one of your guests in their costume.

But having the Photobooth open all night will certainly capture everyone.

We make it compulsory for everyone to get at lest a photo...or two..or three etc.

Even if you going solo like the Panda or a large group we are ready.

Our attendant for the photobooth will assist with everything so you don't have to worry.

Once we take the first photo of the night and they take the photostrip to show others.

This starts a chain reaction for the night as everyone wants to have fun.

Plus you get to keep a photostrip of yourself from the night.

But the next day when you the host see all the images of the

You can send out images or post to facebook etc.

Fancy dress events with a Panda... Defiantly a must !

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