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Hire an amazing photobooth with a Flower Wall.

Updated: May 5, 2020

There are so many options when planning your event with a photobooth.

We can perfectly match your event to our props and signs.

At Photoillustrated we have a range of printed backdrops and curtains to make your photos in the photobooth look fantastic.

Have you considered a 3D Flower wall for your event ?

This is a wall that is not printed but actual paper or plastic flowers and it looks amazing !

The image below is a Photoillustrated Photobooth with a pre hired flower backdrop.

The Flower wall can be setup earlier for general photos and then used for our photobooth.

So next time think Photoillustrated photo booth hire.

Everyone had great time !

Picture is with a Photoillustrated photobooth with an actual 3D paper flower wall... WOW !!


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