Black & White image available with our photo booths

Updated: May 5

With our Photoboths we can create beautiful images with our Black & White option.

All photoillustrated Photobooths have the option of color or black and white.

nearly all photos taken are in color.

But changing to black and white can change the photo totally.

This photo was taken with a white backdrop and you wouldn't even know there was a backdrop in the photo.

Which takes all the distraction away from around the image and you focus only on the people in the photo.

Our photobooth team like to a take semi close up images in black and white as to see the faces and photobooth

Looks like there having a great time..

The event pictured was a birthday party.

So the signs for the each event relate to the event.

We do have lots of photobooth signs to choose from and we can mix and mash to suit your event.

So if you looking for a photobooth for your event in Brisbane, GoldCoast, Byron bay or Toowoomba give a call for a free quote.

Black and white photo in the Photobooth.

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